One Day You'll Retire!

Are You Prepared For The Journey?

Discover how the "elderquest" can help you prepare for the most important change you will ever face in your lifetime: aging! 

  • Would you like to discover the more positive aspects of aging?
  • Do you want to learn how to move beyond the limited view of chronological age and emphasize attaining a sense of purpose and life satisfaction as you age?
  • Are you willing to discover that there are both gains as well as losses in aging, and it's time to focus on the gains?
  • Do you know that the road to elderhood demands more than just financial planning?
  • Do you want to learn how to make conscious choices about how to go from just being older to being an elder?
  • Are you open to learning new ways to achieve purposeful growth as an elder? 

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Dr. Dick Buckles and Bianetics offer workshops, retreats, strategic seminars, transition coaching, and speaking on topics that focus on positive aging, conscious eldering and purposeful growth.

My ElderQuest - Crossing the Chasm from Older to Elder

It's said that there are two certainties in life: death and taxes.  But, I think there's a third: the most fundamental law of human nature is..."each and every day...we're getting older."

Every day is one step further away from adulthood and one step closer to old age.​

This raises an important question as to how we want to take that journey and when we want to begin planning for it.

Theodore Roosevelt once said..."Old age is like anything else.  To make a success of it, you've got to start young."

The ElderQuest is an approach that asks: "How will I live in my elder years?" One that helps prepare us for  making the transition from adulthood to elderhood.  And promotes a lifestyle in our elder years that emphasizes purpose and meaning, joy and happiness, energy and engagement, rather than just pressing the snooze-alarm and retiring.

The LifeQuest - Purposeful Growth in Elderhood

The LifeQuest is an approach to personal growth that is grounded in the perspective that most of us want to live a fuller and more purposeful life filled with strong values, lifelong learning, and a positive approach to living in our elder years.  

We offer purposeful growth workshops, seminars, on-line courses, transition coaching, and training that focuses on gaining personal effectiveness and competence in life and eldering skills.​

  • Self Esteem and Happiness
  • Skills for Becoming an Elder
  • ​Setting Realistic Goals
  • ​Keeping a Positive Attitude
  • Living Your Values 
  • Sustaining Engaging Relationships
  • Creative Problem-solving
  • Maintaining Your Mental and Physical Health


Dick's unique background as a senior executive, personal and organizational change agent and business psychologist gives him an uncommon vision and perspective on aging, innovation, leadership and change.

He will share his perspectives and solutions to critical business and personal issues on such topics as...

  • How to make the transition from adulthood to elderhood
  • How to find innovators who can turn problems into profits
  • How to manage organizational and culture change 
  • How to lead with positive values
  • How to Make Relationships Work

How Will You Create a Positive Future...And Yet Live Fully in the Present...While Honoring the Past?

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Dr. Dick Buckles 

Dick  is a business psychologist who specializes in personal and organizational transformation and change. He is the author of a new book entitled...                                                                                  My Elderquest: Crossing the Chasm                 from Older to Elder.

Dick has over 30 years experience as a senior manager in some of America's most successful companies and 18 years running his own consulting firm specializing in managing life transitions and organizational change.  

Dick is an expert on organizational, cultural, and transitional change.  His unique background as a senior executive, change agent and business psychologist, accompanied by his global experience with major corporations and the aging process gives him uncommon insight and vision into the issues of AGING, INNOVATION, and CHANGE

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